Our Time Free Camping At The Gun Range


02.16 – 03.02.2017
Arnett Rd. – Superior, Arizona

If I could explain our entire stay in Superior, AZ briefly, it would be to say that it was… rough. It rained a lot, it was cold a lot, there was a lot of traffic, civilization was far away, and there was a lot a lot of shooting, it wasn’t at all one of my favorite places.


I really, seriously, hated it and never want to stay there again. Maybe it’s because my dog is terrified of gun shots. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of all night raves or being woken up at 4am with shots fired outside of my door. Really, who’s to say? I can say that I don’t think the mud was really helping the situation…


Okay, that was a lot of complaints. Let’s move on to some positive aspects. The surrounding area was pretty. So, we tried to get out and explore as much as possible during the random moments that we got a break from the rain.

This was our very first day in Superior. Beautiful blue skies that faded fast.

We went and found a giant pit and made friends with some of the open range cattle. Aaron has become a real expert at communicating with cows using the same sounds he uses with Kalie. It’s incredibly entertaining.



The rain finally stopped, the blue skies were back, it warmed up for an afternoon, and we broke out of the Airstream. I had been wanting to go see this abandoned mining road/bridge that I had seen from the highway weeks before hand and that’s exactly what we did.







We went for a hike on another mining road on one of the other blue sky days. This one was less remote and overgrown so it was like a totally different kind of experience. Still really pretty.






We spent a lot of time in bed, eating and watching Netflix, while we were in Superior. It’s kind of just what we do when we are cold or when it’s wet.

That’s why the real excitement of The Arnett Road campsite didn’t happen until it was time to leave. I made up for all that missed exercise when I got to build a bridge to get the trailer through a wash. It was the perfect ending to a perfect stay.


I would recommend this campsite if you don’t mind noise, people driving through your site at all hours, lots and lots of mud, and broken glass. 👍🏻


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