That Time We Thought About Selling Our Souls


A post from a few years ago came up in ‘my memories’ and it sparked this whole look back situation that you find yourself reading. I’m sure a lot of people wonder how the hell we got here. “Here” being living in an RV full-time and showering much less than the general population.

So, here’s a “brief” explanation:

Throughout the course of our relationship, Aaron and I have always traveled. There was one time (before we had a dog & responsibilities), that we decided one night that we were going to take a weekend road trip to Boston. We ended up leaving very late Friday night, seeing Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia, before we got back in time for Aaron to head to work Monday morning in Detroit.

It has always been a passion, we just needed to figure out how to make travel our top priority. We made budget after budget, sold a lot of our stuff, but never really had a clear plan. It’s actually really funny looking back on old blog posts about it. None of those ideas/plans actually worked. We never really figure things out until long after we first thought of the vague idea of traveling all the time.

Finally, almost two years ago, we just did it. We took a leap and started making the dream a reality. We went to “just look” at Airstreams and we bought one. It felt right since we had also just bought a big new truck to pull it around.

I wrote about it but I never really told anyone that our plan was to live in the trailer. It probably seemed really questionable, talking about how all we wanted to do was travel, how we were selling things, and then we spent a small (or large) fortune on a new truck and trailer.

“This is one of the craziest days of my life!” Amanda (May 18, 2015)

In August, 2015 we sold our house in less than a week. I had time to post a home tour and not much else. The secret was out about living in the Airstream, but somehow people still didn’t know we planned to travel full-time. It wasn’t until the end of October that I took to the internet and told the world about our plan: work remote & travel the country.

Since then we have been traveling, exploring, and loving life a whole lot more. It’s a weird lifestyle to most and it was an adjustment for us, but I cannot imagine going back to “normal” life and I think Aaron would agree.

📸:: Joe Hendricks

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