Take It or Leave it — Lessons From Failed Relationships


Getting older comes with a lot of down sides: your body hurts, you can’t see for shit, you’re tired all time… (at least that’s how my life is going right now 😳) But hey, don’t get discouraged, it has its positives too… Just like, ya know, less of them.

You’re older and wiser, you can draw on previous experience to make decisions, and my personal favorite, you get to say things like, “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Those up sides are even more clear if you are a Blogger or YouTuber. Because it is in those cases, that all of your wise words are, in someway, permanent. That means you have the opportunity to go back and reference whenever necessary.

For example, this post about the lessons one can learn from any past relationship. Because seriously, what is the point of doing anything in life if you can’t learn something from it? Either behaviors to repeat, or something to stop –immediately, because you are acting like a huge dick (trust me, you are).

FutureLessonsPastFriends (1)

Regardless of what justifications you tell yourself, a friendship doesn’t fail or end because of one person/the other person. At the end of all of it, when you’re looking back thinking about the people you’ve lost and/or given up on in your life, will it matter to you who was an asshole, who stopped returning texts, or who didn’t do whatever you thought they should? I hope not.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fucked up a time or two… Why do you think that list is so relatable?

Sometimes, probably often, it is a lot easier to be selfish and say, fuck it, because hey “he didn’t call,” “she never texts me back,” or “they only come around when they need something.”

Maybe all of those things are true, but does that really mean that you should, or that you want to be, a shitty friend too?

Or, maybe this is all an opportunity for you to teach someone how to be better by leading through example, and as a bonus, maybe you’ll end up learning something too?

Deep thoughts brought to you by too many assholes & a whole lotta iced coffee. What do you guys think? Do you have anything to add?

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2 thoughts on “Take It or Leave it — Lessons From Failed Relationships

  1. I totally agree with you. Your list for Future Lessons…is right on, so well said.
    Relationships can be challenging, you have to work at it and when it does work, it is so rewarding!
    Amanda, you are NOT OLD, because if you are old at 30 … then I am ANCIENT…LOL


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