Birthday Throwback & Best Friend Tag


Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to my best friend Breanna! Can y’all believe we are in mid April? Seems like this year is flying by. It’s pretty crazy, just like my friendship with the birthday girl. 😂

I was just talking to another friend about how sometimes you really just need to blog for yourself, for fun, for memories, for friends. So, in that spirit and today, in honor of Breanna’s birthday, this throwback/Top Five Friday post, is dedicated to you, Bre. Brace yourself.

I am sharing my top five favorite throwback posts all about Bre. Plus, her and I decided it was time for a new Best Friend Tag Questionnaire (you can read the old one here!). So, if you care nothing about me, Breanna, or random facts about us and our friendship, now would be the time for you to go and read something else.

  1. First up, the eighth blog post I had ever written, and probably the first one that ever had any planning behind it. Breanna and I did our own version of “What Not To Wear” with everything she owned.
  2. This one is very exciting. We went on our first trip together and it was to New York City for NYEBre & Amanda take NYC
  3. After that trip to New York, we knew we were safe to travel together. So, for Bre’s 25th birthday we took a girls trip to Chicago. This was also the trip where she helped plan my perfect marriage proposal. 💗
  4. Then in 2014, also for her birthday, I wrote one of the most emotional posts ever about how I measure the length of our friendship. It might have even been this post that brought us back together after a tough time.
  5. Number five is a special bonus. It’s about how Breanna is my favorite concert partner ever. She was there when all my teenage dreams came true at The Backstreet Boys concert & she’s been there when they all came true again when I got to see Maroon Five on Valentine’s day. She’s also been there to see Taylor Swift and Adam Levine on his birthday (not featured).

She is the partner in crime that I know I can always count on, even when we are thousands of miles apart. I couldn’t ask for anyone kinder or more supportive, and I am so lucky to have her as my friend. And I am beyond blessed to know that she will always be there, even if I tell her when she’s being a bitch, or she lets me know I look fat. I love you! 😘

How about that best friend questionnaire now!


What’s your best friend’s dream job? 

Amanda: She has always talked about owning her own business. So… I think something entrepreneurial.

Breanna: I don’t think at this point (because she’s changed a lot) I could name an EXACT profession. But probably something that lets her be creative and still live her current lifestyle. Traveling interior designer? Social media marketer?

Favorite inside joke? 

Amanda: There are SO many. We have been friends for what seems like a thousand years. The one that still stands out to me and gets mentioned frequently is, “I’ve got your panties right here!”

Breanna: Really looking back the ones that stand out the most, include underwear. She once borrowed my underwear after homecoming. I helped her with her underwear on her wedding day. And the day she loaned me a pair of underwear to try on clothes. “I’ve got your panties right here!”

My best friend looks beautiful when ________

Amanda: Always! But, she looks even more beautiful when she’s feeling confident and proud of herself, because nothing looks better than happiness.

Breanna: Basically all the time but when she just slaps on some mascara, DAMN!

If your best friend has a scar, how did they get it? 

Amanda: Good lord, she could have a scar from seriously, a cat, a parked car, a kitchen knife. Bre is so fucking clumsy but tries her best to be self-sufficient. Lol

Breanna: Probably from Kalie jumping on top of her.

What is it like being best friends with a blogger?

Amanda: I would imagine it must be great! All those photos and documented memories… But truthfully, I wouldn’t know.

Breanna: Like I could become a celebrity at any given moment.

What is your best friend’s favorite animal?

Amanda: All of them. No, um… horses? I legitimately have no idea. Lol

Breanna: Jewish Dogs.

If your best friend’s house was burning down, and their entire family and pets were sure to be okay, what 3 things would your best friend save? 

Amanda: Bre has never been a real materialistic person so this is a tough one…

1) cell phone 2) clothes 3) some pictures or something? Really my answers would be anything Nick related (other than her cell phone, of course)

Breanna: 1) Her makeup (she buys some good shit sometimes), 2) laptop, 3) iPhone

*bonus answer* mexicali dip if there’s some in the fridge.

Would your best friend choose comedy, horror, or chick-flick?

Amanda: Chick-flick or comedy… I think it depends on who she is watching with. But I don’t think she’s really big into horror movies (funny story, that is a totally wrong answer, Bre loves horror movies. Wtf?)

Breanna: Is reality show an option? No? Okay, comedy.

Does your best friend have any nicknames?

Amanda: Definitely, I know her family calls her a few different ones, but between her and I, we stick with the basics: best frannnnnn, beef, bitch, her full name, standard stuff.

Breanna: SISSYMANDA! Beef, Kibbe…

If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?

Amanda: She would order whatever the hell she wants and then share with nobody.

Breanna: These days? Some vegan stuff, or tacos… Vegan tacos.

What’s something you want to teach your best friend? 

Amanda: Love is real, not everyone is a cheater, and she will find the right person. It just takes time and faith. Or that she needs to check her mail everyday, not every couple of weeks.

Breanna: I don’t think I could really teach her anything, she teaches me shit usually lol

What is something you want to change about your best friend?

Amanda: She is way too hard on herself. I wish she would learn to look at her progress compared to her past rather than how far she has left to go, and give herself some credit.

Breanna: Kinda wished she still ate meat lol

If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the 3 things she could not live without? 

Amanda: 1) Easy first – Sean 2) food (obviously), and 3) Her phone probably, because who can live without social media anymore? Plus if it’s an island you’re gonna wanna take pictures.

Breanna: Her entire family, her friends, at least 1 apple product with an Internet connection. Those things probably equal more than 3 things…


Do you and your best friend have any hilarious inside joke’s or blog posts? I would love to read about them!

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