I’m the kind of girl that pretends to be a dinosaur, I consider iced coffee a meal, and I really like my dog. Like… I really like her. A lot.

Often times I think she is just using our closeness as a means to steal my body heat. I try not to be too hard on her about it though, because a lot of the time, I am doing the same thing.


Her name is Kalie, by the way. She is classically trained in fuckery and is a totally free spirit. The trainer once told us to make sure that she understands who the boss is. Don’t even worry, she totally knows that she is the boss.

Kalie and I are homeless together with my husband Aaron. Homeless except for our 30′ Airstream and everything we own inside of it. You would truly be shocked by how much space 30 feet actually is. Trust me, its spacious.


We are a family of weirdos with a compositing toilet. We travel around the country in our Airstream and see whatever we want to see. When places start to feel a little too much like home or the weather isn’t ideal, we pack up and we move on to the next place.

This is where I write about where we stayed, what we saw, and sometimes the music that we listened to along the way.